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sidecar-wall“DR. TUCKER’S 59



Through a little research, we found that Dr. Tucker’s 59 was quite a popular elixir during the late 1800’s for people who were suffering from the many symptoms of the common cold, grip, consumption, or perhaps just life. Many a patient attested that this “pocket pistol” was indispensable and should be “on the shelf in every nursery and in the satchel in every journey.” Some even claimed that they used it “whether or not I am feeling sick.” They were surely disappointed when in 1907 the US Government passed the Pure Food and Drug Act outlawing the use of cocaine, and therefore eliminating Dr. Tucker’s 59 from the shelves of pharmacies all across New York City. Our current interpretation of this admired elixir of the past can be found on the cocktail menu under the same name. While we believe that drinking a Dr Tucker’s 59 is still good “For All Pain”, rest assured that all the current ingredients are safe and legal.

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